"You created a film that still is resonating with me. It is simple, shocking, beautiful and has a strong story and characters, which I always look for in a documentary. Your commitment is admirable."

-- Howard Weinberg, Adjunct Professor, The Documentary Project, Columbia Journalism School

"What a beautiful, heartbreaking film. Exquisitely done, and my heart aches for the film's subject."

-- Ilene Starger, member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

"You didn't give up ! That is what it takes to be a filmmaker. You are only one person and you can and will make a difference."

-- Maryann Deleo, ACADEMY AWARD winning filmmaker (Chernobyl Heart)

"You know how much I am moved by this piece. It is a very beautiful, haunting and heart breaking film. Well done! I'm proud of you!"

-- Maro Chermayeff, Producer, Director, Author, Emmy Award-winning 10-hour PBS television event CARRIER, Chair of MFA Social Documentary Film, SVA

"The film is a wonderful piece of work. It deserves to be really widely seen."

-- Tom Hurwitz, ASC Four Academy Awards for Best Full-length Documentary

"It is a deeply moving film. I'm really touched. I knew how much you have done with the film."

-- Ann Collins, Film Editor, Sundance Film Festival Audience Favorite for Documentary

"Your film in particular was quite striking, saddening and touching at the same time.  It takes a brave and smart person to make something of that quality."

-- Raymond McCarthy Bergeron, Award Winning Media Artist and Tech Guru

"I think only very sensible and deeply kind person can create such a poetic work of art. It is a work of art. What else can I say? You are extremely talented. Thank you for wonderful unforgettable moments of watching your film."

-- Olga Klyachina, Moscow State University's School of Journalism